Monday is Lundi is Monday (Eric Lau, AL_PD, Pinch Fact Mix 164, Jus Like Music)

5 07 2010

Horfée’s truck, Paris 2000’s

Welcome back, after a break of 48hours i slept 20? On Friday, i had chance to go check Martyn & Kode9 at that shit venue called Madeleine Plazza in Paris. As Social Club is closed for 2 months & renovation works, the club is installed at Madeleine venue. I arrived around 1.30am, trying to skip the warm-up that i was afraid to hear. And i nearly did it, but when i entered it was still something very different as you can expect when Martyn & Kode9 are the main heads on Line Up…so yeah whith those 2 guys with 2 mac book pro, doing nothing and spining 7min techno tunes nearly entirely & at the end of each track, matching kicks for 10 sec’…Tracklistings including tons of French electro rock tings…I don’t know why TSUGI (if they’re in charge of the line up) threw dis weird line up. Maybe some people will say it’s eclectic, but when you bring 2 major heads of Music, should i say future music; its really a bad choice & really untasty. I talked about Kode 9 Book’s Sonic Warfare with some friends (i bring to get a signature…signed), then Martyn & Kode9 arrived at the venue, they spinned 2 hours B2B. This were the only 2 good hours of the night, we left straight after their set. Wicked selection  by both of them, classic 2562’s Tunes & fresh SBTRKT that few people noticed. We were apparently between 10 to 15 people that came to hear them. Rest was 60% of Asian American turists (they dont know how to drink?? Saw them ZZZzzzzzz drunk on the sofa 15cm close to speakers while Martyn was pumpin some Berghain’s style techno) plus, lets say maybe 20% of Social Club kids afficionados (no one slammed, so disappointed…ahahaha) and at least 10% of people who came cause Madeleine Plazza Seems to be their HQs…Anyway good night, for 2 hours. I wish one day to enter after a crowded queue, with enthusiast people, mental music & reasonnable alcohol price.
– we’re working on this –

So yo, it’s monday and i have some good shits for you & your bank account.

Startin smoother today with this very good lil EP Eric Lau & Friends did for Save the Children project. All money will be given for Kids, so if you have 2£ or more to give, please drink 1 beer less today and give some hope to Kids.
The Music is excellent, and worse 2£ easily. Feel free to show some love as well on his myspace

Listen & Buy

Also available on 4th July, Kilawatt V2, project of Eric Lau featuring Oddisee & Muhsinah.
Less than 20 copies available as LTD 7″ & also CD Version

Today wont be complete without your free download from Braingeles,
AL_PD, beat maker from L.A. that make really nice, light & wonky productions, in the vein of Shlohmo, Swede:art or Teebs….He’s working with Lapti also, so expect really serious shit from dem this year (dont know Lapti? Where’ve u been…Look for it lazy ass or wait for a post maybe)
Really suggest you to check his Soundcloud, to get unreleasd and fresh free beats

Get a listen and Press download (am sure you will)

Show some love Soundcloud / Myspace

Last but not least news for today is the latest FACT MIX in a series of 152 360, Today new Mix is from
MONSIEUR PINCH, founder of one of the greatest label which is Tectonic
If you dont know about Tectonic, please do yourself a favor: lock yourself for 2 hours, listen their discography and don’t sleep onn this mix. Cant tell you about it for now as im listenning to it right now but as a tracklisting can speak, he told me just 2 words : KICK ASS.
Also def. mark your agenda for this autumn cause Pinch, Kode9, Shackleton and others will be remixed by Scientist for new Tectonic project. Stay Tuned


1. Bass Clef ‘Promises’ (Peverelist & Appleblim remix) (Dubplate)
2. Emika ‘Double Edge Sword’ (Pinch remix) (Ninja Tune)
3. Skream ‘Amitystep’ (Dubplate)
4. Mala ’2 Much Chat’ (Dubplate)
5. Jack Sparrow ‘The Cahse’ (Tectonic)
6. Pinch ‘Midnight Oil’ (Pangaea remix) (Dubplate)
7. Dubkasm ‘Hail Jah’ (Jakes Remix) (forthcoming on Sufferer’s Choice)
8. Jack Sparrow & Ruckspin ‘Dread’ (Dubplate)
9. WAX20002b (Pinch remix)
10. Jakes ‘Time Ends’ (Tectonic)
11. Mala ‘Eyes’ (DMZ)
12. Distance ‘Ill Kontent’ (forthcoming on Tectonic)
13. Jack Sparrow ‘Terminal’ (Tectonic)
14. Red Light ‘MDMA’ (Dubplate)
15. Joker ‘Output 1-2′ (Tectonic)
16. Skream ‘Phatty Druma’ (Dubplate)
17. Pinch ‘Elements’ (forthcoming on Swamp 81)
18. Goth Trad ‘Sublimination’ (Dubplate)
19. Distance ‘Reboot’ (Dubplate)
20. Pinch ‘The Boxer’ (forthcoming on Tectonic)
21. Pinch ‘Swish’ (Dubplate)
22. Mala & SGT Pokes ‘Answer Me’ (Dubplate) [Tease]

Last minute shit, as i was about to post. Just received this from Jus’Like music, An EXCLUSIVE FREE download from Jus Like Music of the Throwing Snow remix of Greymatter‘s track “Mind Over Matter” – taken from the Mind Over Matter Remixes Part 2 EP (out on Unique Uncut Records 12th July 2010).
This remix will only be available on the digital version of the EP.

released 05 July 2010
This track is taken from:

ARTIST – Greymatter
TITLE – Mind Over Matter Remixes Part 2 EP (inc. Altered Natives, Mr Lager, Milyoo and Klic remixes)
FORMAT – Digital / 12″
CAT NO – UUDIGI019 / UU12002
LABEL – Unique Uncut


A1. Eu Fumo feat. Deize Tigrona (Altered Natives Remix)
A2. When I Was Lost (Milyoo Remix)
B1. We Are One feat. Domu (Mr Lager Remix)
B2. Raw Root (Klic Remix)

Today is a good day, hope yours will go sweet too



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