Kidkanevil # Basho Basho Remixed Remixed Part 1 AVAILABLE

29 06 2010

2010 IS KICKIN ASS !!!

Yeah, it’s again something coming out from RBMA London 2010….So lets take it back from the beginning
Basho Basho LP by Kidkanevil
was already a must…Dont trust me? Look

Fantastic, Straight up awesome!” Daedelus
kidkanevil is a sonic visionary” iDJ Magazine
8 bit madness packed full of e numbers. Gimme some more!” Alex Nut, Rinse FM

So now, after 6 months waiting, it finally released
Buy at Kidkanevil Bandcamp (MP3/Limited Vynil 12″ PRE-ORDER)

!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kidkanevil + Eliphino + Blue Daisy + Tokimonsta + Illum Sphere !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here’s one of July TOP 5 Things again
And yes i will stop say that YOU HAVE TO buy THis GEM Right NOW !!!



One response

29 06 2010
Vikrant Dev

Dude just saw your blog today and found out lot of interesting beat tapes. Here are some of my recommendations. I reviewed them on my blog too.

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