[ Pre-Order] ORIOL # Night & Day (Planet Mu, 2010)

26 06 2010

Seems so weird to me…Ahahaha
ONRA lp just hitted stores a month ago & now this KILLER ALBUM is coming out threw Planet Mu…Finally, i should say

ORIOL‘s Night & Day cover got same colours tons as ONRA cover but SOunds Fuckin BETTER !!!!! Sorry On’ if you pass threw this blog (i dont think so anyway but?…) Its not everyday i talk with so much enthusiasm about a LP…For this one, as i just could listened the preview online (im unfortunately not into Planet Mu promo list ahahah) and all i heard was sooooo fresh !! It’s my summer release tho’ FOR SURE !!
Something between Dam Funk & Floating Points, Bootsy Collins meeting Flying Lotus.
Of Spanish and Trinidadian heritage, The Barcelona born (but Cambridge based) Oriol expanded his horizons and learnt his craft at London’s broken beat related CDR (also home of Floating Points). With lush synths and a truly fresh sound evoking the summertime grooves of 80s boogie, 70s soul and mid 80s electro with a patina of nostalgia over the whole shebang. Look out for the single “Coconut Coast” (with remixes from Shortstuff, Falty DL and Jake Slazenger!) and his album “Night And Day“, shortly.

You Can Do The Same and pre-order your copy CD & 2×12 LP or digital,

Got a listen on This Master Piece called The Process (available on this forthcoming LP) Yes it is to me: Le Master-Piece

The Process
by oriol

‘The Process’ works broken beats under Philip Glass-like chords and funky keyboards, while ‘Flux’ crosses warm arpeggios with disco beats.

Coconut Coast
by oriol

End of The Beginning (/Shine)
by oriol

‘Night and Day’ connects the dots between his musical tastes, from the 70’s fusion and experimentation of Herbie Hancock and Stevie Wonder to the lush house of Theo Parrish, Larry Heard and Recloose, into drum and bass and dubstep, he rewires these influences into something that’s totally exuberant and fresh, a soulful fantasy, indebted to older musical styles but still sounding bang up to date, surpassing any niggles you might have that this isn’t just seriously good music.

Night & Day is due on July 19th on Planet Mu



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