MEZZO # Transistions EP [2010]

17 06 2010

Tascam DP-02 Digital Portastudio, Alesis SR18 Drum Machine, Reason 4, Alesis Micron, Technics SL1200, M-Audio axiom 61 key, and lastly the beloved SP 404 bitches!

Today, introducing MEZZO (more), Beat Maker from BrainLangeles AgwanBwoy
Let’s see how long it will take for other people to discover this guy // As it took a year for them to discover Shlohmo
– PunkAss its good shit right here –

Less Talks // Mo’ GlitchesBitches

Fav’ Tracks so far are Chonyid Bardo, Lurker, Misty Window (feel da wind), Ode to the past (feel da past), Lost Souls Smokin’Bowls (feel da sub)



3 responses

22 06 2010

Gebnut, so beautiful!

23 04 2011
BUY & DOWNLOAD #Mezzo – Why Not Nothing? EP « SO WHAT? DI KHRAP!

[…] stuffs in the box this mornin 5 Tracks, new Mezzo EP on the line After the Transistions EP, here’s 5 tracks + 1 remix made the last 4 Months Good stuffs inside, from this sexy […]

13 06 2011
DOWNLOAD # MezZo – Nakedness & DTCPU – outro w/ ichiro (meZzo’s rendition) « SO WHAT? DI KHRAP!

[…] Two pure gems by the man Mezzo you heard a lot about him over here. Here’s a tune called Nakedness, pure atmospheric harped voices, gliterred water sounds Pure Dope_If you never checked about Mezzo, do yourself a favor and check out the previous posts HERE & HERE […]

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