Swede:art – Emotional Colors (TDR10-002) to be release on June 23rd

16 06 2010

Artist // Swede:art
Album  // Emotional Colors
Label // Tokyo Dawn Records (TDR10-002)
Release Date // 26th June 2010
Format // Limited Edition CDs, Downloads (distributed by Believe Digital)
Licence // All rights reserved
Genres // Alternative hip hop, Future soul, R’n’B electro


Laurent Garnier: “It’s like mister ‘dope beats hip hop’ having wild sex with ‘miss abstract funk’ trippin on acid – GENIUS album”
Simbad (Brownswood): “Sick album, totally fresh! BIG 4 real!!!”
Dr Motte (Loveparade): “Very inspirational album!”
Zero DB (FlOz): “THIS is the shit I should be making, I LOVE IT!”
Tom Wieland (Compost): “Fresh as the morning sun!”
Charles Webster (Miso): “Really forward thinking grooves”
Jenna G (BBC 1Xtra): “Can’t wait to play this at my summer bookings, this will match those lazy beach locations very well!”

– It’s about time for Swede:art –

It’s been about 3 weeks now, that Swede:art forthcoming LP is stuck into my Ipod. First thing is i really wanted to have a long listen before post anything about it. And at the other side, it didnt leeave my Ipod for several reasons.
1) It’s a 150% Kick Ass Album
2) I can listen to it on random mode, and i’ll be always surprise about what genre the tune will be.
3) This piece is Mixing by Comfort Fit
4) Guest artists on the album include Duktus (Brownswood),
Note, Pursuit Grooves, Stray, Blaktroniks, Caits Meissner
and Comfort Fit.

– It’s about time for Swede:art –

Really confessing that all TokyoDawn realeases were always excellent ones, Comfort Fit, Portformat LP & Remix one (feat. Andreas Saag, Metalheadz’s Resound or Opolopo). ,It’s a quality independant label & followers over here can tell: all TDR are Huge Tunes.

It took me time (to find time) to be able to post audio on the blog, and as am here to talk and support Swede:art LP, some little excerpts will be welcome.

My fav’ tune so far is Mosambique, its for sure the one that get the bigger feedback all around me. I played it several times at friends place and they all went mad. It was hard to have a whole listen of the LP with people. I try to do very often, and no one said this is shit. All said “Briliant (Black Mining) , Original (Underpurpled) , Siiiiiiiiiiiccccck (Sex on the Airplane)
Mosambique is just a simple Gem to me, i reload it all the time. Those keyboards & 8-bit sounds, Massive Kick, beautifull breaks, cuts and atmospheres. An Anthem to me.
– Check this sickness right here right now –

SWEDE:ART # Mosambique (From Forthcoming LP EMOTIONAL COLORS)
SWEDE:ART # Embrace The Chill feat. Comfort Fit & Pursuit Grooves (From Forthcoming LP EMOTIONAL COLORS)

this were the 2 tracks i wanted to post to illustrate this great Album…The Player is Buffering and thats all
Really pissing me Off this Audio shit on WordPress.com / .org….So im posting Audio from Swede Soundcloud….Which are Great Tracks as well
To listen those gems BUY THE LP

Swede:art – Linguistics feat. Stray by Swede:art

Swede:art – Sex On The Airplane by Swede:art

Swede:art – Im A R.O.B.O.T. feat. Blaktroniks by Swede:art


The year started very well for 20 year old Bavarian wunderkind Swede:art. After being selected as
participant of RBMA London, coops with music peers such as Hudson Mohawke, Comfort Fit, Tokimonsta and others
quickly followed.  Altough completely overloaded with remix and cooperation requests, Swede:art will be playing at
countless festivals and clubs this summer.

Til next wednesday, you can wait with this brilliant mix Swede did for TDR, With tons of dubs, exclusives and of course previews of his debut album “Emotional Colors” inside. Check it out and spread the love!



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