New ERROR BROADCAST releases (April 2010)

14 04 2010

those of you who follow this blog (and get that i moved from blogger to wordpress), knows that am pretty big fan of all what Error Broadcast can release…In no particular order, they released excellent eps & lps by the man Comfort Fit, alsothe great  AEED lp that i played many times since i copped it, including into The Library (Cop It Here) Also Pixelord Lucid Freaks LP with a remixes edition including Coco Bryce & DZA from Russia

Its April 2010, and E.B. has 2 HOOOOOT release on fire right now, first is by B_Ju, an EP called DogDay with remixes by 1000names from Sofia (signed on Svetlana Industries as well) and Great Ghostly artist Mux Mool (what a hot Spring for him !!!!)

Dont wait go grab thatridiculous EP and please pay artists !!!!

Also this month, a new release by KenLo Craqnuques a LP called Cailloux Germés

Be Sure to stay connect with the Error Broadcast Team & Get latest releases (free or not) from dem
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