New COMFORT FIT LP # Forget & Remember # Free Download

21 12 2009
Today is a good day, Previous post was Remixes LP for Comfort Fit last LP….BUT he’s also giving away for free his last LP // PLEASE SHOW SUPPORT & SPREAD LOVE for one of the most underrated artist of 2009 (and he’s not the only one)



Some Comments

  • Ltj bukem / Good looking Rec., UK : “Really love this music.”
  • Tom Wieland / Les Gammas : “Wow! Superbes album, SA-RA in Germany?”
  • Rainer Trüby / Compost Rec.: „Hatte die CD sehr lange im Auto und sie gefällt mir immer besser.Schönes Album. Vor allem der Track „Take a look“ hat’s mir extrem angetan. Respekt! Weiter so.”
  • Yannick / Groove Mag, Needs Music: “Super Album, sehr schöner, deeper vibe, sehr abwechslungsreich”
  • Velanche / XLR8R, UK: “Awesome job he’s done…overall production is dope”
  • Paul Gamblin / Black’n’blue, Australia: “Brilliant!!! The beats and the basslines are baaaaaaaaad.Fantastic rhymes, quirky jazzy moments. You’re on a winner”
  • Kwesi / BBE Music,UK: “Woooooooooowwwww…WHAT THE FUCK. THIS IS WHAT I’M TALKIN ABOUT. My neck hurts from nodding my head to hard. It’s like someone read my mind. I love this sort of stuff a la prefuse 73, Dabya, etc….Comfort Fit is in a league of his own though. Very impressive, wish I knew about him sooner.”




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