Kingz Run Lines Suckaz Run Lies

10 03 2009

V.E.P Crew
(Paris Early 90’s

It’s good to share things from your own life….
Linking others peoples blog isn’t that interesting sometimes
– So link dat pussyclat –

Today i woke up with an e-mail from an old school buddy…
Kind of message i love…Ahahahah, Sruo if you read this i can’t stop myself laughing about that video….Yeah man !!!! “Kingz Run Lines Suckaz Run Lies !!!!!!!
This mixtape isn’t the purpose, but as you’re gonna see it, i wanted to share with you first maybe the best mixtape ever.
Yeah, for me it is.

100% Graffiti Muzic bitchzzz, enjoy
JR’s Mixtape were, are and will be the best for me. No one bring the underground noise like him
And when you know about the man, the writer, the vandal, the producer, the actor…You know you’re talking about a F**** undaground Legend as many people you never suspected to be tunnels rats…Most of true writers were havin’ double life, double identity and never slept

All my respect goes to Brian Lucas a.k.a Oeno a.k.a Mush a.k.a Cen a.k.a……….

JR Ewing presents METRO VETERANS Mixtape

Side A
01. Intro
02. Krs-One – Out For Fame
03. Artifacts – Wrong Side Of The Tracks
04. Rasco & Peanut Butter Wolf – Run The Line
05. Krumb Snatcha – Hip Hop
06. C.O.D. Crew – Streets R Callin
07. Lord Finesse – True & Livin
08. Oldworlddisorder – ????
09. Flowmastaz Click – Dirty Money
10. Zion-I feat. Planet Asia – Critical
11. Rasheed & Chief Kamachi – Forever
12. L.M.N.O. – Street Wise
13. Da Kemist – Platform Rapform
14. Swollen Members – Circuit Breaker
15. Yeshua Da Poed – The Essence

Side B
01. Intro
02. Company Flow – Lune TNS
03. Cactus Jack – Red Line
04. Cru feat. Ras Kass – Bullet Proof Veet
05. Fat Joe – Find Out
06. Virtuoso – ????
07. Ripshop feat. Mr. Eon
08. Cover – I’m Trapped
09. Masta Ace & Lord Digga – Styles Wars
10. Tame One – Torture Chamber
11. The High & Mighty – B-Boy Document
11. Cipher Complete – Bring Hip Hop Back
12. Slomo feat. Dead Poetz Society – Hip Hop Can’t Stop
13. Arsonists – ????
15. Saafir – ????
16. Loop Troop – Ambush In The Night

Purpose of the post is this Video that don’t need any explanations…
4 Life

VICES 95 MPV “diary of a madman” from vincent vincent on Vimeo.

As im a cool guy…here’s the video of the partner in crime
Both were true legend
Stay Rude

Have a good day



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