!!! Douster Douster Douster !!!!!

24 04 2008

Be A Terrorist as me And throw some Douster‘s Bombs please

Just i saw his name this morning on Welcome to Dance Club i presume, and its just a complete success on all tracks…all BasslineS, just kind of sounds i can handle actually as the sun is comin’ back in Paris after 369 years of Dead Silence…Damn it Sarkozy is a fuckin sorcerer Hate U !!!
Why i didnt get this before ?
It’s 5 tracks, it’s big and this “More Gunz” Its just what Students needs today for their Demonstration in Paris…
Yo KIdS Mo Faya’ !!
Even if Bryan Cox says Let’s Go To Work (Douster Don’t go to Work) , Douster’s asking More Gunz to support his remix of Three 6 Mafia’s I’d Rather on any Dancefloor…
God bless French Projects, there’s a lot of Famas & Kalachnikov’ around for Ya ass …
Enjoy Shake Ya Ass….

Grab This to Lovely Chords – How to Clean Your BF’s Teeth (Douster Remix)

This one’s gonna be a classic tune of 2008 Bet It !!! = N.E.R.D – Everyone Nose (Douster Remix)

GO Show Some Myspace Love to DOUSTER




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